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Press Release: The RecruitMentor is here

A new series of recruitment training books has been released by a 17 year industry veteran and published author

Professional development and recruitment performance expert Ross Owen Williams has recently released a series of three recruitment training books under his RecruitMentor banner.

Candidate Calls, Client Calls and Vacancy Qualification and the Placement Process are designed to be accessible to newer recruiters and help expedite the professional development process by ensuring readers build a strong knowledge base on which to build their careers.

As much as any company wants to give newcomers the best start, it’s just not possible to be there for them all of the time” says Ross. “Whether a manager is in a meeting or a consultant is closing, there are going to be many times when a junior recruiter needs knowledge but can’t access it immediately – that’s one of the reasons I’ve written these books. They are, in effect, a security net for juniors and a time saving device for seniors.


After 17 years in the industry, Ross certainly has plenty of knowledge to pass on. After a fast start to his career with GCS Recruitment Specialists from 1999 to 2002, he became Managing Director of Talisman Technology at the age of 23, quickly growing his business to several £million turnover. Ross sold the company in 2008 and has since freelanced as The RecruitMentor, acting as a business adviser and professional development consultant for assorted companies.

The recruitment industry is incredibly competitive right now and there’s plenty of choice for good prospects” says Ross. “The companies who will attract and retain the industry’s future superstars will be those that invest heavily in their L&D programmes. I believe my RecruitMentor books will enhance any company’s professional development programme, giving a huge return on a minimal investment.

The books were released on April 1st. For more information or to purchase copies for your company, visit www.therecruitmentor.com or contact the publisher directly at rw@therecruitmentor.com. The RecruitMentor books are also available via Amazon.co.uk