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The three best office drinks – The RecruitMentor Tuesday Triple



The term “employee engagement” has become commonplace over the last five years, almost to the point of overuse. The theory behind it is sound – make your office a place where people love to work and they will deliver to the best of their capabilities and stay as long as you want them to. There are many different practices across many different companies but one of the most immediately obvious things on this front is what you put in your workers’ cup.

Gone are the days of bunging a handful of indifferent teabags and a jar of instant coffee next to a kettle in the kitchen. Now, some companies breakout rooms could compete with the offerings available at the local Starbucks.

So much choice – but which are the best?




1/ Black coffee

My first boss in recruitment absolutely swears by this as an indicator that a candidate is going to be worth interviewing. Black coffee, no sugar is a simple drink to make, stays hot for longer (buying you more time in interview!) and gives you a jolt of caffeine without the spike in blood sugar and inevitable crash that comes from sweetening up your cup of Joe.


2/ Water

Amidst all this choice, the very best selection often gets completely ignored. Somebody who spend their entire day drinking coffee is doing themselves a mischief. Even though coffee has water involved, it isn’t the same thing – drink enough and you’ll get dehydrated. If your body is in any way dehydrated, you will become lethargic and less effective.

Back when I was at drama school, my voice coach always used to say “when you pee clear, you are ready to perform” – that’s a principle I would apply to performance in the office as well!

Water. Plain. Simple. Often.


3/ Green tea

As I approached 30, I came to the realisation that I was a little overweight. The better part of a decade behind a desk had not been kind to me and so, in addition to sorting out my exercise regimen, I made some drastic changes to my diet.

Among the most important of these was no alcohol and no caffeine. For the first 10 days, I remember feeling shocking and it was only then I realised just how much impact these two things can have on you when you overindulge (which, to be fair, I probably had been doing with both…)

But only water all the time is boring! Especially when everybody in the office around you is enjoying a nice, hot brew. Praise be for green tea!

Once you get past the initially peculiar taste, it actually becomes somewhat comforting and, being hot, lasts longer than a cold drink. There are also antioxidants in green tea which are, apparently, good for you – though you never can tell what the experts will change their mind on next week…


Agree? Disagree? Comments and discussion welcomed!


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