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Assessment Role Plays






RecruitMentor assessment role plays are based on real resourcing, canvassing and vacancy qualification situations, designed to discover how well your trainee understands what needs to be covered during these calls and how to best approach candidates and clients.






Your trainee will be given a simple brief, outlining what has led to the call and what is known about the candidate or client – then it is up to the trainee to get in touch, treating the approach as if it were real, and taking the actions he or she deems appropriate.

As a drama graduate with several films and shows under his belt, Ross is comfortable and convincing in playing a series of realistic customers for your recruiter to call.

Following the call, Ross will complete a written report which is then sent to the manager and the trainee (although it can be withheld from the trainee at request, should management require). Usually running between 1,200 to 1,500 words, this report will contain an overview, points for praise, action points for improvement, and a score based on numerous aspects of performance – the more the trainee discovers and the more professional his or her approach, the higher the score.

The call will also be recorded and an MP3 file made available to you and your trainee. This enables both to review the call after having digested the action points in the report, and allows the trainee to hear how he or she comes across to your customers.






  • Clear action points within the report isolate key areas of weakness and offer suggestions for improvement. Follow up role plays will highlight this improvement (most overall scores increase noticeably on a second assessment and many takers doubling their initial score by the third assessment call), helping trainees see their professional development – and motivating them to continue raising their game.
  • A “points for praise” section within the written report positively reinforces what the trainee is doing well, encouraging them to continue these behaviours and balancing the report as a combination of positive and constructive feedback.
  • The report and audio can be integrated into your internal training sessions to make them more successful – rather than covering areas in which the trainee may already be perfectly competent, the findings of the assessment mean you can focus purely on the elements of performance that require attention – leading to you and the trainee getting the maximum return from a minimum investment of your time.
  • Since the assessment is conducted by an independent expert, it will offer an objective view of your worker and how he or she is presenting your business to customers. And, as it is quantifiable, the overall score attained can be highly useful in appraisals and for benchmarking professional development (or lack thereof) in your employees.

For bookings, enquiries or any further information required, please email rw@therecruitmentor.com.