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Training Books

Some say recruitment is all about numbers. Make more calls, make more money…

But recruitment isn’t just a numbers game. Although quantity is vital, it’s nothing without quality.

With a conversational tone that’s quick to read and easy to digest, the RecruitMentor books will take you through every element of what makes a great resourcer, canvasser and closer – clearly explaining what you need, why you need it and how to get it.

So whether you’re looking to kick-start your career or revisit the basics to make sure you’re doing all of the job, all of the time, The RecruitMentor will give you the edge over your competition and help you increase your sales figures on the way to becoming number one.




  • In The RecruitMentor: Candidate Calls, we’ll look at both the art and the science of candidate calls, working towards more efficient resourcing that will dramatically improve your success rates. Through 48 chapters, we’ll cover such subjects as CV skimming, jobseeking motivation, current situation, jobseeking preferences, lead generation, delivery and test, and vocal and verbal presentation.
  • In The RecruitMentor: Client Calls, we’ll cover all aspects of the initial client approach, helping you pitch perfectly, fact-find fluently, and develop positive relationships with new customers. Over 37 chapters we’ll discuss such subjects as method of approach, call blockers, the five keys of canvassing, the golden ticket, company culture, demonstrating expertise, and common reservations.
  • In The RecruitMentor: Vacancy Qualification and the Placement Process, we’ll break requirement taking up into a series of clear stages and then look at how to hit each milestone of the placement process efficiently and effectively. Through 60 chapters, we’ll look into such subjects as motivation for hiring, understanding timescales, margin or mark-up?, candidate rewards, interview prep, and an entire section dedicated to the post-sale process.






  • At £7.50 per book and a special offer of £20 for all three, your return on investment will be huge – even if these books lead to the reader making only one extra placement, it’ll be a several thousand percent ROI!
  • Pocket-sized and with chapters of between 1 to 5 pages, the RecruitMentor books are ideal to dip in and out of when commuting using public transport, during the lunch hour or on a coffee break.
  • Ranging between 160 to 184 pages, the books are long enough to be packed with helpful hints but short enough to not be intimidating to new recruiters.
  • Some recruitment books are written by writers who know little about recruitment, whilst others are by remarkable recruiters who are not quite as proficient with a pen. The RecruitMentor books are the result of an expert recruiter and professional writer marrying these two aptitudes to create a comprehensive guide to the most vital elements of any consultant’s approach to recruitment.
  • Cut down on time spent in training by using each chapter as the basis for a session – set a section of the book as pre-session reading and then discuss it as a group.
  • If everybody in your company is consulting a similar source for guidance, there is less room for miscommunication and error.
  • Give new recruits the best start in their career and save yourself some time – send them the book before they start work and they’ll turn up on day one already having got to grips with several recruitment concepts.
  • Keep your senior consultants focused – rather than having to continually field similar questions from junior members of the team, they can refer them to the relevant chapter in the relevant book and then fill in any blanks afterwards.